The Awesome Department

A book that makes your work more fun!

This book is for creative people who don't get the chance to express their ideas at work.

And who want to do something about it.

Make work fun

Awesome Department

Unlocking creativity at work

Are you creative and frustrated that your boss, clients, and colleagues always try to kill good ideas? Learn the secrets that change peoples minds, and help them decide to do awesome stuff.

219 pages of creativity

If you want to start building an Awesome Department, don’t think of it as what I do for work vs. what I do for fun; make them one and the same.

Get inspired now

The role of the Awesome Department is to turn the fantastic into reality. The trick is to qualify and quantify how many dreams you can achieve and how you will achieve them.

When you have an amazing idea, where do you take it?
To the Awesome Department!

The Awesome Department is the place where your incredible ideas leap out of your head and into reality. Anyone can create an Awesome Department—even if you have no time, no budget, and no one supporting you. It’s impossible to stop a good idea.

Find out how you can use fun, playfulness, and creativity in your work—no matter what your job is. Discover how to encourage the people around you to become more creative. Their creativity, in turn, will support yours, removing the friction you face every day.

If you have ever felt frustrated, bored, or trapped at work, then you need these mind-blowing, brain-boosting techniques to turbo-charge your creativity.

The Awesome Department is what you need to do what you want.

here are

5 good reasons

why you need to read this book
  • Reason 1

    How to avoid getting stuck. Progress your ideas, no matter how radical they might be.

  • Reason 2

    Learn how to start your first awesome project, even if you have no money.

  • Reason 3

    How to make boring clients, customers and bosses get excited about your ideas.

  • Reason 4

    What to do when you screw up.

  • Reason 5

    Real world examples that can be put into practice.

Ina Pura

"All that you need in order to gain confidence and start living your dream, think outside the box and learn how to be flexible in order to reach your goal."

Andrew Chapman

"If you're like me and need practicality and applicable material to balance positivity and inspiration, you'll be good with The Awesome Department."

Mike Salmond

"An accessible, engaging and ultimately aspirational book focused on the creative process. It focuses on the way the creative mind should be."

Eric Deeter

"There are plenty of nuggets here to spark ideas and unleash your creativity and vision so you can crate your own Awesome Department."

Improve workplace creativity in

4 steps

Fast & Curious

Follow the books 4 key steps to improving your creativity at work. Make more money and profit from play. Unlock the creativity in those around you. Convince your boss and your clients that crazy ideas are worth investing in. These steps aren't always easy, but they work.

Awesome Thinking

Change your mindset. Help yourself and others think creatively.

Startup Techniques

Begin an Awesome Department to launch your ideas, without money.

Discovery Missions

Learn from the best. Find out what others do right, and what they do wrong.

Stories and Spikes

Create a culture of creativity that lives on, and flourishes.

  • It will be so much easier to unleash your creativity at work when you have all the advice in one great book.

  • The book is split into easy-to-read sections so you can dive in to the bits you need. You don't have to read it all in one go.

  • You can freely share the knowledge in the book with others, to help make even your most boring co-workers more open to your new ideas.

  • You will feel so much better in a more creative workplace.

  • You can get started now, and make improvements now. Things wont get better by themselves. It's down to you to take control of your creativity.

In this book you will find:


Chapters of ideas


Tips from top experts


Pages of inspiration

Use every opportunity

About the Author

for a creativity boost

Adam loves to share his knowledge with people around the world, and his new book The Awesome Department contains the unexplored secrets of what makes businesses really creative.

  • Adam Montandon

    Adam Montandon is an Associate Professor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Denmark. He has spent the last 3 years researching some of the most amazing and unique companies in the world, trying to find out what makes them Awesome.

    Adam has given lectures worldwide, and leads large scale innovation workshops for 500 students every year.

    He has appeared in award winning documentaries and TV shows for Discovery Channel, Research TV, and many more.

Before you change the world

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This book and the ideas in it can be applied to just about any kind of organization—from freelancers to major companies. It’s perfect for those who feel trapped, or frustrated, in their current situation. If you want to shake things up then this is the book for you.

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